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What is CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF® product?

CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF® product is beef from Angus-type cattle that has met rigid quality standards based on marbling, tenderness, and leanness. A combination of these standards result in superior-tasting beef.

How is the CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF® (CAB) Program different from other branded beef programs?

The CAB Program is the only branded beef program endorsed by the American Angus Association with an intense monitoring and trademark integrity system. The Program is also unique because of the high quality product specifications it outlines and competitive product availability.

Are cattle that become CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF® product purebred Angus?

Not all CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF® product is harvested from purebred Angus cattle. The Program accepts "Angus-type" cattle which are cross-bred (two or more breeds of cattle expressing typical Angus breed heritage via a black haircoat.

What makes CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF® product more consistent in taste than USDA Choice graded beef?

CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF® product must meet nine stringent specifications for live animal and carcass selection, including specifications which call for a modest or higher degree of marbling, "A" maturity, Yield Grade 3 or leaner, and medium to fine marbling texture.

Is CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF® product graded USDA Choice?

Yes. CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF® product is labeled Choice or higher by the USDA and comes from carcasses which are graded the upper two-thirds of Choice with some in USDA Prime.

What makes CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF® product taste so good?

Marbling in beef is needed for taste, juiciness, and flavor. Without marbling, a steak would taste bland and be dry. The marbling requirements for CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF® product surpass 70 percent of the cattle in the USDA Choice grade.

Doesn't marbling increase the fat and cholesterol in the steak making it a poor nutritional choice versus other grades of beef?

There is just a slight fat difference in CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF® product and other beef products and no difference in cholesterol content. For example, a generic Choice striploin contains 3.1 grams of saturated fat as compared to the 3.7 grams of saturated fat in a CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF® striploin, and both contain 65 mg of cholesterol. CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF® product does fit into a nutritionally well-balanced diet.

Why is there an additional cost for CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF® product over other beef?

The additional grading and selection process by the USDA and the segregation of the product from other products throughout the whole system increases costs. As with other products, the higher the quality, the higher the price.

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